We sell a package of 25 PSA’s for Secure Future International for $34.75

This package also comes with 347 Rewardicals which you can claim from SFI. You can redeem these for 28 Sales Versa Points (SVP). Team2go packages are available from our site at Vit2go UK.

In order to receive maximum benefits from SFI you really do need to build a Team. You also need TCredits.

You can buy both PSA’s and TCredits directly from TripleClicks should you wish to do so, however not only can you buy the Team2go pack from us, you can redeem Purchase Points and effectively get packages for FREE!

When you aquire a PeopleCoin from any source, you also receive a Sub-holder position anywhere in a virtual matrix. The proceed from a Sub-holder position are allocated to you until such time as you earn $7 in Crypto, being the cash return you receive from just owning a PeopleCoin. This position will also be used to generate 6 purchase points into your Personal Purchase Pool. Once this target has been met the position will revert back to the Corporate Pool to be re-allocated.

Just 36 Purchase Points in your Personal Pool is all it takes to receive a Team2go pack. Purchase Points can used from any number of Sub-holder positions and does not require 6 completed positions to redeem.

The sales commission for these packages will go to the original introducer and their nearest upline Business Circle Member (BCM) if they are not themselves a BCM.

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The third party adverising showing below is used to generate impressions which are used to advertise views on thousands of websites worldwide via PeopleCoin Affiliates who have purchased the Crypto Link Faucet Package (CLP).