If you have been following the news recently you will have noticed that commercially grown hemp is becoming more and more viable all over the world as it dawns on legislators that their predecessors were effectively dupped into restricting this Super Plant its rightful place on the world stage many moons ago.

As ThePeople Coin grows in popularity it is our intention to get seriously involved in this massive opportunity and have already started creating a budget source that will enable us to do so via PeopleCoins.

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In the meantime, we want to get involved now and after countless hours of research have decided to join CTFO and sell their Products. If you would like to help with this please visit the CTFO Opportunity Page for more information.

Easy Peasy Pillars.

Your Zero to 6 Figure Income blueprint starts here…

Join Timebucks

Join CTFO if you haven’t already done so.

You will need to make $1.15 a day on the Timebucks site. This is very easily achieved, just a few short surveys will give you this. You will also need to find three people who will copy you and do the same. You will probably need to suggest the idea to a lot of people before you find the three you need, but once you do, all of you could become very, very rich!

These three people will be your pillars. Watch This Video to see what I mean by pillars. Basically, you are going to play follow the leader to get to Exective Vice President status in CTFO. With just 3 people copying you, you will earn about $50 from TimeBucks each month, which is what you need to pay for a Premium Marketing Subscription from CTFO.

As your three pillars find their 3 people and are copied you will automatically start earning more from Timebucks. You can use this surplus for anything you like.(CTFO Products? According to many the best way to sell any product is to try them yourself and have your own stories to tell regarding their effectiveness.)

Once you have $50 in TimeBucks setup your subscription and you’re good to go.

Because of the massive potential of TimeBucks as a feeder program, we have added it as part of our Synergy System which is designed to provide a step by step method that can be used to fund any online opportunity.

Upto 80% of the revenue that we receive from either of these two programs is used to help pay the ALAIT Reward Schedule associated with ThePeople Mine Retail AdPacks.

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The third party adverising showing below is used to generate impressions which are used to advertise views on thousands of websites worldwide via PeopleCoin Affiliates who have purchased the Crypto Link Faucet Package (CLP).