First Mover Advantage

The People Coin First Mover Advantage

(This option may close at any time…Act Now!)

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
according to Thomas Edison.

This doesn’t mean that you have to work harder, it just means you have to worker smarter.

Before launching The People Coin, 1000000 Coins need to be allocated. To help speed up this process and to assist in the worldwide adoption of ThePeopleCoin, we are offering the Right People in the Right Place a 10 year People Coin & Powder Franchise.

Only 12 packages of 40000 Coins each are being offered with additional benefits for 40000 USD, one in each of the following Regional Areas – North America, Central America, South America, Canada, Asia, China, India, Russia, Mainland Europe, South East Europe (Balkans), Africa and Oceania.

Franchising is based on a marketing concept which can be adopted by an organization as a strategy for business expansion. Some of the biggest worldwide names in franchising include McDonalds, Subway, Intercontinental Hotels and Herz car rental, so franchising definately works!

Unlike a usual franchise which have no real geographical restrictions PeopleCoin & Powder Franchises are extremely limited and once they have gone, they have gone! (We have already had some interest from Asia and South America.)

So what do you get for your money?

1) 40000 PeopleCoins

2) Everything you need to setup a PeopleCoin Administration Center in order to dispatch Discount Memberships in a timely manner.

3) Everything you will initially need to setup a PeoplePowder packing & distribution center including training and sufficient stock (A $48,000 value) to enable you to recoup your complete purchase cost and more from end-user PeoplePowder resales. The issue of Discount Club Membership Cards gives you an automatic distribution channel for PeoplePowder trial samples.

4) Priority equity rental consideration should you wish to operate your business from hotel premises as funds allow. (Upto a maximum of $480,000 per property purchase. A further $120,000 will also be made available to allow Environmentally Friendly Power Generation and a Waves CryptoCoin mining operation to be added to the hotel should it be deemed economically viable to do so.) Any hotel to be purchased will only be considered if it has at least 10 letting rooms, a large carpark and a function room that can be used for training purposes. (How to build a Secure Future International business of your own/How to add Localvantia Merchants, etc. and PeoplePowder)

A hotel gives you another distribution channel for PeoplePowder trial samples as you can factor in the cost for every guest and/or resident.

5) 1 weeks free luxury bed and breakfast accomodation per year at any PeopleCoin Regional office that operate from a hotel location. (See above 4) plus one weeks bed and breakfast accomodation within the United Kingdom at ThePeopleCoin Headquarters. (You will need to arrange your own travel arrangements.)

6) The ability to sell residential PeoplePowder training and sales distributorships. These will be an extra profit center for you plus you will be able to sell PeoplePowder at a wholesale cost to these distributors on an ongoing basis. If you have a hotel (See above 4) listed as your Regional Center this will help you with your occupancy rates and increase your profit.

7) A 10 year membership to The People Coin Discount Club. This may not seem like much of a deal, but over time, these savings could add up to be an appreciable amount. This will include deep discounts at any Regional office accomodation that you may be offered.

8) As well as offering The People Coin as a way to empower individuals to be free, we use our own advertising sites to generate income for people as part of “The Income Stream Re-distribution Of Wealth Plan”. (We used some of these existing programs to create initial awareness of The People Coin.)

Advertising online is now a multi-billion dollar business. Most of our in-house advertising require a participation fee with some requiring regular subscriptions in order to get involved. As a package purchaser you will receive 10 years access to these programs AND any future advertising programs we launch at no additional cost to you! That’s a big opportunity for you to set yourself up to earn additional income each month on top of any income your PeoplePowder and PeopleCoins may bring you.

Purchase your PeopleCoins Franchise today for $40000.00 in CryptoCoins whilst they are still available!

(Multiple CryptoCoin$ Supported)

10 years of FREE advertising

One share in the collective cash income generated by positions 2 – 13 of the Amazon Website Offer matrix.(Includes re-entries)
(The PeopleCoins generated by these positions, including those generated from re-entries will be exchanged for NEXO Tokens to allow more loans to be taken up to purchase property.)

Top Opportunity Gateway Traffic

Member 2 Member Adpacks

Sponsor Advertising


Any Future Programs

P.S. If you are not interested in some of these advertising services that are available to you as benefits for making a franchise purchase, you are under no obligation to participate.

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