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This Virtual Crypto Matrix (Virtual Crypto Matrix #2) is similar to the Dollars2Doge (Virtual Crypto Matrix #1) incentive, in as much as it is based on a hypothetical 3 wide matrix and pays virtual Unpenthexium Points to multiple positions upline,but contains some major twists. (Unpenthexium is hypothetical element number 156 in the Periodic table and has never been found in nature although in theory it could exist – We are currently making our calculations based on 12 Unpenthexium is the equivalent to 1 DogeCoin, but we reserve the right to change this ratio or tied CryptoCoin at any time.)

As an affiliate, if you introduce others and they purchase PeopleCoin Discount Card you earn a commission of 15% on the sale and on any other product we offer.

It gets better – if you introduce others who signup for any of our Business Builder Advertising (BBA) Packages you can earn upto a further 20% (35% – 15% ) commission on further product sales, as the commission will be increased upto 35% subject to the number of BBA packages you personally purchase.

Every BBA Package you purchase increases your commission by 4%.You can only have 1 of each type and need to purchase them in order at a cost of $17 each which includes a $10 setup fee plus the first months maintance fee of $7, subsequent months are $7.The first months fee assigns 3 PeopleCoins and subsequent $7 monthly fee assigns another PeopleCoin each of which pays out $7 in CryptoCoins of our choice on a first come first served basis. (Currently DogeCoin is used.)

You’ll also a BBA Postion in this matrix for each one you buy for as long as your subscription is in good standing.

Package 1: This rotator only contains Traffic Co-op Sources

Package 2: This rotator advertises SFI Gateways for PSA’s

Package 3: This rotator advertises SFI Gateways for PRM’s

Package 4: This rotator advertises TeamBuilds, any/all of which you are welcome to join the rotator even if you are already a member.

Package 5: This rotator advertises any Business Opportunity of your choice provided it is legal.

When you purchase BBA Packages, you may also receive random referrals allocated to you and extensive banner advertising across numerous traffic sources of our physical product of choice, which is MIGHTY101. We use a rotator from LeadsLeap to do this which allows advertising to be weighted from 1 to 5. If you buy 1 BBA package you’ll be allocated a weighting of a 1, buy 2 BBA packages you’ll be allocated a weighting of a 2, etc.

As another way to rebuild the amount you’ve spent on the purchase of BBA’s, you’ll also be given instant approval to step 1 of the Virtual Crypto Matrix #1 up to a maximum of 5 (1 per BBA purchased.) This is given as a free extra and does not come with CLP/PTC advertising, however it does include CryptoTab advertising on your behalf.


Each of the packages each receive aproxiamately 20% of the advertising that comes from the Traffic Co-op sources that we have developed our owns downlines in and includes

Traffic Exchanges

Viral Mailers


Text Ad Exchanges

Add Boards


As a Business Advertising Purchaser, you can also earn upto 20% in overide commissions any non-Business Advertising Purchasers introductions no matter where they are within your Place Holder payline, potentially creating an infinate number of Powerlines.

Level 1 – 3 positions – Total positions 3

Level 2 – 9 positions – Total positions 12

Level 3 – 27 positions – Total positions 39

Level 4 – 81 positions – Total positions 120

Level 5 – 243 positions – Total positions 363

Level 6 – 729 positions – Total positions 1092

Level 7 – 2187 positions – Total positions 3279

Level 8 – 6561 positions – Total positions 9840

Level 9 – 19683 positions – Total positions 29523

Level 10 – 59049 positions – Total positions 88572

This hypothetical matrix contains 88572 positions all of which belong to Rotorlinks Pro. It is company filled from left to right with PlaceHolder positions, which you are given along with your first PeopleCoin. PlaceHolder positions earn cash for each PeopleCoin held upto a maximum of $7. Business holder positions earn cash with no PeopleCoin restrictions.

Upto 55 PlaceHolders/BBA positions benefit everytime this occurs. We select 5 placeholder positions of individuals as follows:

An introducing PlaceHolder

Their upline PlaceHolder

The next PlaceHolder

The Cryto Event Trigger Place holder

A Random PlaceHolder

If there are BBA positions within your upline/downline they receive the same benefits as would PlaceHolder Positions except no Crypto Event originates with them.

A Cryto Event consists of one payment of $0.30 to each of the placeholders selected above plus $0.03 to each of the 10 levels above. ($0.60 in total per placeholder) As there are 5 of these per Crypto Event that’s $3.00 distributed each time in occurs. This may not sound like much, but they will add up.

We reserve the right to change from DogeCoin as our tied coin at any time, should it be decided that a different digital money would be of more benefit to the membership in the future.

No CrytoCoin has yet to become real digital money at all, because you still can’t go to ANY store and buy something with it. When you can, we will have a real decentralised currency!

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The third party adverising showing below is used to generate impressions which are used to advertise views on thousands of websites worldwide via PeopleCoin Affiliates who have purchased the Crypto Link Faucet Package (CLP).