ThePeopleCoin Amazon Website Offer Matrix

Sell Anything You Want!

In essence, The People Coin is about raising the standard of living of the many, by assisting those who want to operate their own bricks and mortar business to do so, whilst being assisted financially, by those who cannot.

There are many reasons why people don’t want to operate their own stores, etc., but I believe there are many who, not wishing to own a bricks and mortar store, would still like to own their own busines as well as contributing to the cause.

A way we can do this and align ourselves with the biggest online retailer in the world without having to compete with them, is to supply unique done for you Amazon stores for a low cost and provide a sustainable marketing plan that can still provide an income and build a People Coin holding at the same time, even if it takes a while for these Amazon stores to produce a worthwhile profit.

Did you know, over 70,000 people are making over $100,000 per year in sales on Amazon, according to a recent report by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos?

This amazing success rate is possible because Amazon make it so easy for you and with our help it should be even easier!

We will setup a store for you within a wordpress blog with a perfect theme and include auto blogging plugins, so you don’t have to do anything regarding updating the content as it is done automatically for you + 5 edu backlinks to help with getting it indexed in the search engines. A sample blog is available to view at Vegan Health Tips. Your blog will also be monetized with a plugin that allows your site visitor to be directed to his/her local amazon platform so you can set it up to get sales from anywhere in the world where Amazon has a web presence. An amazon shop such as Our Computer Store will also be linked to your blog for even more potential sales.

For $100 in CryptoCoin$ ($CS – Multiple Coins Available), paid as 4 equal installments of $CS25, you will receive one Amazon niche store, use of a domain and hosting for a year. (People Coin Discount Club members only pay 2 installments of $25.)

After one year the domain will be transfered to you. If you wish to continue hosting with us, we charge a further $CS60 per year, but you are welcome to move your website to another hosting company should you wish to do so. Income received after costs from selling these hosting accounts will be distributed pro-rata to PeopleCoin Discount Club members who have been allocated PeopleCoin.

You will also receive a position in a 5 wide, 2 deep, company forced matrix that pays $CS5 + a PeopleCoin for introducing, $CS5 on your first level and $CS1 on your second and requires just 30 people to fill it completely. For every person that is added to your matrix you will also receive a PeopleCoin. A re-entry will be added everytime you fill a matrix provided you are a member in good standing. (You are currently paying your installments – if you want perpetual re-entries you will need to purchase at least one new store per year, although there is no limit to the number you can purchase.)

Get paid a further $CS5 whenever anybody you introduce spends $CS25 on any re-entries they might receive.

The first 13 positions within this matrix have already been allocated. Cash generated from position number 1 will be given as additional income to our first project aka ThePeopleCoin HQ and cash generated from positions 2 – 13 will be shared amongst our Regional Center Franchisees.

Even if you have no money for your own Amazon site, just signup up as an affiliate and promote this page to receive $CS5. (No limits – you get paid on ever sale you make.) If you want to earn the money to buy your own store quicker, this site may be of help to you to do so for free!

Should you decide to promote this site just as an affiliate you could earn even more from shares in the People Pool if you purchase a Discount Club Membership as every Amazon site you sell also includes a Discount Club Membership and you would be listed as the introducer.

If you pay for your own Amazon store, as well as being able to introduce people, you’ll also be eligible to receive Amazon commissions, matrix payouts and additional PeopleCoins!

*Results not typical and no guarantee is given or implied. Only make a purchase if you can afford to lose your money. No refunds can be given. Your income will depend 100% on your work ethic.