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ThePeople Coin discount card provides access to the largest network of high street discounts in the UK including major high street brands and local retailers. The card provides savings in over 5000 locations nationwide including Restaurants, Cafes, Take-Aways, Hairdressers, Health & Beauty establishments, Car & Auto Services, Entertainment Venues, Shops, Taxis & Transport, Pubs, Nightclubs & Bars.
If you want just want to be able to claim Local Discounts and receive any Distribution Benefits as and when they become available, associated with any PeopleCoins that you have been allocated you will need to be a  PeopleCoin Member. This costs  just $7 per year. If you are not a member when distributions are made then the first $7 of your eligible distribution is retained to cover this cost.

If you purchase the $7 PeopleCoin membership you’ll receive a $5 dollar AdPack which, amongst other benefits, comes with 2 PeopleCoins and 7 Instant Rewards. Additionally individuals with this AdPack also receive one year of free banner adverising in the footer section of our ‘One A Day Traffic Challenge’ which is worth much more than the membership cost!
As a paid up PeopleCoin Member you’ll also receive two Pay It Forward PeopleCoins which you should give to people you know well. (Family or Friends)

If, however, you are waiting for your PeopleCoin to generate the $7 fee for you, you will only receive a $4 AdPack and associated benefits in order to offset our additional administration costs. Only one Pay It Forward PeopleCoin will be issued.

PeopleCoins have a lifetime shelf value and are issued to individuals as part of our quest to level the playing field when up against BIG Money and BIG Business. As a registered member you can help others do the same should you wish to do so with our Pay It Forward (PIF) Program. Registered members can transfer single PeopleCoins from their own holdings to anybody on the planet, provided they don’t already have one, so they can start their own journey. As the instigator of this transaction you will be registered as their introducer and receive the appropriate remuneration according to your affiliate status. (10, 20 or 25%) on every AdPack purchase they make depending on your affiliate status.

If you are only interested in receive a 10% commission on the sale of any of our products including AdPacks and Upgrades you will need to signup for our FREE One A Day Traffic Challenge as a subscriber.

If you want to receive an extra 10% commissions (20% total) you will need to be a VIP Subscriber which costs $5.00 a month. VIP affiliates are given one $4.00 AdPack for every month their subscriptions remains in good standing.

if you want the maximum benefits available, (scroll down to see these.) you’ll need to pay an annual fee of $60 to become a VIP+ Subscriber. VIP+ affiliates are given two $10.00 AdPacks and commissions are increased to a total of 25% on all our available products. You’ll also receive fourteen Pay It Forward PeopleCoins.

We actually payout the full 25% on all introducer commissions, any commissions not paid out due to a subscriber status travels upline until it finds a home. This means if you are a VIP or VIP+ subscriber you could technically earn overide commissions from an unlimited depth.

For example if you are a VIP+ subscriber and you introduce a VIP subscriber who sold a $4 AdPack to one of their introductions you would receive the 5% difference in commission. (A VIP subscriber would earn 20% commission on a $4 AdPack – $0.80 As a VIP+ subscriber you would normally earn $1.00 if it was your introduction, you would receive the difference, that is $0.20)

If a subscriber 10 levels below your VIP subscriber purchased a $4 AdPack and nobody in between made a purchase, his/her sponsor would earn 10% – $0.40, your VIP subscriber would also receive $0.40 as the difference between the amount already paid and his/her subscriber status and you would still earn $0.20

If you did not have a VIP subscriber between the AdPack sale and you. you would receive the full difference of 15% – $0.60

Obviously these amounts vary depending on the cost of any AdPacks purchased.

At just $60.00 a year our VIP+ Membership offers the best value. and is the best way to start saving/earning money from being a part of ThePeopleCoin Revolution! (Go HERE if you just want to potentially acquire unlimited PeopleCoins by purchasing AdPacks.

It is also a requirement that you have to be a private club member in order to receive any additional financial benefit that you may receive from owning PeopleCoins.

NOTE: If you have been allocated PeopleCoins and have not yet joined this Private Members Club you will not be eligible to receive any potential financial benefits from your PeopleCoins.

You can upgrade to VIP or VIP+ subscriber status using the Payment Button within your ‘One A Day Traffic Challenge’ dashboard affiliate area to pay the required monthly or annual fees.

NOTE: As this product contains digital benefits no refunds can be given. Under these terms we have no reason to hold on to sponsor commissions, so this is also transferred as soon as possible to your account balance.

We will manually review your payment and once confirmed your package will be dispatched. Please allow upto 28 days for delivery of your physical card as it depends on where you live in the world in relation to the United Kingdom as postal times vary.

Access to digital benefits will be made available to you immediately upon confirmation, which include, but is not limited to, a unique link which will allow you to promote The PeopleCoin Community Discount Card and earn upto $15 per sale you make plus you receive various travel benefits including a corporate membership at Tickets At Work which includes savings on movie tickets, hotels, car rentals, cruises, water parks, theme parks, concerts, shows and events and more. The benefits available from this travel bonus are mainly for US and Canadian residents, but we are always looking to secure more benefits for those outside North America. Everybody should still consider buying this package as the other benefits already added to our discount card are still worth far more than your cost plus you can advertise World-wide!) 

NOTE: If you have been allocated PeopleCoins and have not yet joined this Private Members Club you will not be eligible to receive any potential financial benefits from property rentals and can only use

Provided you are a VIP+ Subscriber and you own a physical shop and would like PeopleCoin Holders to buy from you just tick the checkbox. You will be contacted for details regarding your shop name, full address and the percentage discount you are willing to give. Your shop will be listed in our global directory, which is available to PeopleCoin Holders.