Overview Of The People Coin (TPCoins)

The PeopleCoin – They just keep on giving!

Building Rewardical Stores one brick at a time
by using the Localvantia program from SFI!!

We are primarily an advertising platform with some amazing benefits for those that support us. Our main income sources come from MULTIPLE TRAFFIC SOURCES and from our own BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY TEAM BUILDS. We assist our supporters by issuing ThePeopleCoin from these incomes. TPCoins are manually issued by us when required.

The People Coin is our visionary token for internal use that we are funding without an ICO, which makes it almost unique in the world of Crypto. It is not listed on any exchange and cannot be traded.

If you want to stake your claim in TPCoin use this low cost backdoor where you can get involved now before it becomes more mainstream!

Click HERE for a way to acquire unlimited TPCoins!

QUICK VERSION: Buy Commercial Buildings. (Buildings are just land with benefits and they are not making any more land.) Allow PeopleCoin Holders to use the buildings for free in return for a percentage of profits they make. Invest in eco-friendly power generation to purchases where economically viable to do so, if it further reduces operating costs to business operators.

EVERY business that uses a People Coin property will also become Localvantia members. Distribute 20% of the profits received from these offline enterprises amongst all PeopleCoin holders.

We are in the Technology Age, which I support wholeheartedly, but we are paying a massive price and I believe most proponents of these advances are completely overlooking what we are losing. As most Countries in the Western World are already losing their sense of local community provided by Local Shops, unless something changes, the whole world will probably follow.

The family owned business that supported several people and provided many with a happy life have all but disappeared from our high streets, only to be replaced by overpriced coffee shops, fast food outlets, charity shops or corporate chains. (That’s if you still have local shops, many thousands have been converted to residential, due to the massive purchase and running costs of bricks and mortar establishments.)

We need to bring these shops back. Outside of the main operating costs of running any business (labour and utilities) the one cost that causes these shops to shut is the cost of the building, which cripples any fledgling business by removing income and giving it to banks on demand, long before the business has a hope of becoming profitable. What if instead of banks owning the building via a mortgage, we owned it in return for a share in the profits? In my world this is exactly what would happen and with your help this could be part of your world too. If a business was given this window to enable them to become profitable and subsequently failed, the money wouldn’t be lost as it was always going to be secured against property, which has always gone up in value over time. Even if the property market crashes, as no money will be owed to anybody else, we can ride out the losses and go back to earning profits again when times are better.

Society is letting various sectors of the people down. The old way of work hard, earn your salary and retire with cash in the bank and a pension as well is just not happening any more.

The old, the new and the self-employed too are being let down in increasingly large numbers.

Reducing the costs associated with just being an adult in return for performance based returns is IMHO, an awesome way for society to move forward.

Creating opportunities for people to develop lifelong business and personal skills. With access to business and learning tools, both online and offline, TPC holders need to learn practical skills that they can use to start their business and thrive.

It is our belief that TPC holders can make this happen on a global scale, thereby making improvements for the whole of humanity.

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