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Until such time as Phase 1 of ThePeopleCoin is completed and successful launched on the WAVES blockchain all potential PeopleCoin holders will have an account manually created and credited with 78 PeoplePoints per PeopleCoin allocated. Once active these will be exchanged at the rate of 156 PeoplePoints for 2 PeopleCoins. Once you have any amount within our internal PeoplePool account, any PeoplePoints therein are currently set up to grow at a compounded rate, at whatever rate we can maintain.

How can you afford to pay out to the PeoplePool accounts?

The amount is variable and is calculated based on the number of PeoplePoints issued. It has been determined that we can afford to do so from the amounts that we are currently earning on our own Crypto Coin activities from the companies listed in Section 3 Of This Page. (You can Grow Your Own At Home with these companies – Take a look, it opens in a new page.)

It is monitored continuously and should are own activities fail to produce sufficient to enable us to continue paying it will be adjusted accordingly.

Why 156 PeoplePoints required for an exchange?

The amount is based on the concept of Unpenthexium, a theoretical, but as yet, undiscovered chemical element that has a correlation between it’s eventual discovery and PeopleCoins. The number 156 is divisable by 52 (number of weeks in a year), by 12 (number of months in a year), by 13 (unlucky for some, but also a bakers dozen – 12 + 1 – just in case 1 gets burnt) and probably a host of other reasons why it should be chosen.


Lets Get Physical!

Until such time that point of sale discounts are available in more locations the value of our discount club is sadly lacking.

To address this problem in the short term we are looking at providing individual country solutions that offer cash back as an incentive to buy through them. There are many available, so we should be able to do this given time.

Another solution we are definately considering is setting up our own marketplace that sells physical items that can be shipped worldwide.

The product would need to be light in order to keep shipping costs as low as possible, be desirable to a large market and offer value.

Our current thinking is that the sale of stamps would meet this criteria and when this has been set up will be available from Yourstores Online and offer worldwide shipping included in the price. Discount Club members will receive the added benefit of being able to collect PeoplePoints (Pep’s) as a loyalty bonus if they make a purchase which will not be available to non-members. PeP’s will be redeemable for PeopleCoins.

There has probably never been a better time to invest in stamps. With the mainstream moving heavily towards internet based communications and payment channels, it is our opinion that the value of these physical representations are only going to increase.

Traditionally stamps, bank notes and coins have remained very stable and shown consistent, steady growth for alternative asset collectors to diversify portfolios and protect wealth over time. (though, of course, past performance is no guarantee of what the future may bring.)


Biz In A Box For PeopleCoin Followers

The anticipated launch of ThePeopleCoin is creating a lot of interest, mainly because it is different and offers a way to bring mutual co-operation across the globe. However, many people who just would like to have even a small stake in this way of doing business are still hurting for a way to start making some money now.

If this is you, you are certainly not alone. Earning online has so many options, and so many things to consider.

Lots of people also start with one thing, then move to another when they don’t get immediate results. Maybe they can’t see how it would possibly work to create a full time level income…

To earn online successfully you need a clear action plan. It doesn’t really matter what opportunity you use (as long as it is genuine). It is the PLAN that builds your income.

I have created a free very simple People4People Enterprise that is a step by step biz-in-box where anybody can get involved with a free page setup done for them so they can follow it provided they sign up to receive our PeopleCoin Alert Service and follow the instructions. I have already done the planning and taken the action and seen results. In fact I still use them every day – free money is free money!

Need a plan? Want Direction? Then click the link at the bottom of this page to get one. None of the affiliate programs listed cost anything to join and the majority reward you just for clicking.

It should only take about an hour to join those that you are not already a member of, then once your page is operational, all you need do is login in to the sites that pay you for clicking links everyday and send traffic to your page.

Why send traffic? Answer: Leverage! All of these sites have referral programs and you can earn money when those that you refer click links in order to earn their own money.

There is even a source that includes many places where you can advertise included in the list plus this PeopleCoin site can help you as well as the link below that shows you how your page will look is actually a rotator link and includes all the other people who have already had their page setup for them.

Click This Link To See What Your Page Will Look Like And If It Is Something That You Think You Would Like To Do Just Follow The Instructions That You Will Find On The Page.

THURSDAY November 1, 2018

Making Money Out Of Thin Air Circuit Boards.

As the future of ThePeopleCoin has been firmly pegged to the WAVES Platform it makes sense to setup our own WAVES TOKEN mining facilities.

This will be done as a way to reduce business operating costs within our First Project. It will also be extended to include any Regional Center Hotels should any of our franchisees opt for this route, provided it is deemed economically viable.

CryptoCoins or Tokens have become a global phenomenon. While not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of their importance.

Effectively they are a people to people currency without the central authority of a bank. This is achieved by transactions being confirmed by multiple independent sources known as miners in return for a small fee. Unless all miners confirm a transaction, there is effectively no transaction made. It’s as simple as that, provided that you have sufficient computer power to check.

Those small fees obviously need to add upto enough to cover the cost of operating the computers required and leave a profit. It is this profit that will be used to assist with business operating costs.

TUESDAY October 30, 2018

More Money!

As part of our continued assistance we intend offering the a whitehat link building service as an optional purchase for our Amazon Site Purchasers.

This service will also be offered to others outside of the PeopleCoin Community thereby increasing the number of PeopleCoin account holders as all options will come with optional PeopleCoins.

Purchased properties will be funded by Crypto loans from NEXO Tokens. Being as PeopleCoins are indirectly linked to the number of properties that have been purchased, it makes sence to showcase some of these. This will be done via a property sales website. PeopleCoin Discount Club members will also be entitled to sell one property per year free of charge.

The ability to sell on this platform will be marketed outside of the PeopleCoin Community in return for a fixed fee. This will add to our revenues in the case of a business looking to sell multiple properties or increase the number of Discount Club members if an individual just wants to sell their own home.

A small % of a huge amount of money is worth having! By using NEXO Tokens to create Crypto funded loans to purchase properties we get to share in 30% of profits earned from all loans transaction fees received by NEXO. Given that both the Crypto and the loan industries are in high demand this could amount to a considerable amount of funds which will be used to purchase more property.


A new benefit has been added to the Discount Club Membership. Members who introduce others can now receive shares in the new People Pool.

Once our initial PeopleCoin offering has been allocated and the first project funded the hotel will also become the International Headquarters of ThePeopleCoin and will offer deep discounts to club members who wish to make use of any of the facilities offered.

This deep discount will be extended to include any PeopleCoin Regional offices that take the hotel route as per our Franchise Agreement.


Major Update Regarding 1st Project & Amazing Cleaner

Our own emphasis regarding the our first project has been radically changed in recent days, due to the amazing connections and agreements that we have made with the product inventor regarding the Amazing Cleaner. Given that he is an executive chef and has worked in several commercial kitchens and managerial positions in hotels around the world prior to inventing this product, he will be a valuable consultant to have on our team going forward in more ways than one.

The purpose of buying a hotel remains the same, that is to test the validity of using the release of People Coins to aquire buildings that will be rented to entrepreneurs in return for equity stakes in their business instead of paying a fixed, often crippling rent.

However, the purchase of the business itself to prove that greater profits are availble using People Coins will no longer be it’s only purpose. As well as becoming a packing and distribution centre for the UK and other countries as stated earlier, it will also become a hands on training centre for individuals who wish to avail themselves of the Amazing Cleaner distributorships we will be offering. This will be a very lucrative business opportunity that can be run full or part-time for those that want it.

Distributorships will be structured around a 4 day residential course that explain how to sell the product using demonstrations, how to actually use the products in a working environment, what you need to know to operate your own business and how you calculate your profit.

They will cost around £1600 each and will include accomodation within the hotel, meals and enough product to cover the cost of your training. You will also be allocated some People Coins so you can start building your own base income ‘behind the scenes’ as well.


Selling CrytoCoins that have no benefit other than to facilitate trade is not illegal. It fact this practise has been going on for a lot longer than Crypto!

Several long established businesses online and off have allowed people to purchase credits or gift certificates using currency in every economy across the globe, which can be later redeemed for goods or services.

Legally, a problem occurs when a return is offered for the purchase and the coins effectively becomes a security or collective investment as far as most jurisdictions are concerned.

ThePeopleCoin will be sold as a medium of exchange which is not secured against anything and are literally worth what people think they are worth, basically no different than selling store credits or gift certificates.

The major problem, however, is how can the possible income that we want to give away be legally stuctured so as not to run foul of the law in any jurisdiction.

Once a PeopleCoin has been sold to an individual as a medium of exchange, 100% of any money that has changed hands now belongs to the seller.

What is done with any money that changes hands when PeopleCoins are initially traded is up to the seller. If the seller intends to purchase properties and rent them out in return for a share in the profit of any business operation that uses them, then so be it. If any surplus income derived from the equity rental of purchased properties is given to individuals who have used their PeopleCoin for trading purposes, then technically there is no legal reason why this can not be done, provided the law regarding the disclosure of any gift is adhered to within an individuals country of residence.

In order to overcome the remaining legal challenges we are facing regarding the intial allocation and subsequent releases of the People Coin, instead of purchasing properties directly, funds will instead be used to purchase NEXO Tokens – The World’s First Instant Crypto-backed Loans platform. NEXO offer a LTV of 50% against their own tokens with a fixed annual percentage (APR) of 8%.

This will allow for instant fixed rate loans, currently upto $2000000, to be taken up to aquire the properties required. This is twice our initial People Coin allocation so we should be good for a while. NEXO is looking to increase this maximum loan amount in the not too distant future.

NEXO has more credibility than anything out there given its location and regulatory compliance. This is a fantastic new direction for the People Coin and givs us some major advantages with little or no risk.

If the value of NEXO Tokens increase, then so does the amount that we can borrow to purchase more property. If the value of NEXO Tokens decreases by a pre-determined amount, our position is automatically liquidated and any outstanding loans are reduced to zero, effectively leaving us with the property without any encomburence.


PeopleCoin Hosting

The hosting that we use for our existing hosting will shortly be offered at a very competitive cost as the PeopleCoin Host. It will need to be extended for the Amazon sites that we are selling within the PeopleCoin Matrix anyway, so we will capitalise on that and make hosting accounts available to the general public as well. Again as a PeopleCoin project, income received after costs will be distributed to PeopleCoin holders.

It is anticated that this will be operational before the initial offering of 1000000 PeopleCoins have been allocated.


An Amazing Cleaner

As stated elsewhere on this site, our first funded project will be run in-house so that all of our profit distribution protocols can be checked and any flaws in the system rectified.

A possible flaw in the system has already been identified and addressed. What if this project doesn’t make a profit quick enough to justify PeopleCoin holders actually holding or using them at the level we would like them to trade at?

Obviously, if we could guarantee the profit time-scale or we already had multiple locations, then this problem would not occur.

Given the customer base and the relatively small amount of space required, a decision has been made to setup a UK wide, packing and distribution network on the site for an enviromentally friendly cleaning product that can be bulk purchased and produced under our own label.

This eco-friendly cleaner, replaces every existing cleaning product in today’s market. An extremely cost-effective product that really does clean everything. This non-toxic, 100% biodegradable cleaning sensation removes the need for the numerous, cleaning products you’re currently using. It eliminates the multitude of cleaners you require to clean your home, place of work, and will even replace those more expensive, specialised cleaning products, you use such as stain removing, car care, carpet cleaning and so on.

Originally formulated and produced in the United Kingdom by a World-class chef with over 15 years in the hospitality trade, the product has already been endorsed by various restuarant chains and celebrities under its parent label outside of the UK and it’s now time to bring it back home!

Marketing the product to the local population and the tourists who frequent the premises during the holiday season couldn’t be easier. Due to the very, very low cost that can be achieved by packing it ourselves every customer will be given a trial packet for ‘free’ and told that we use it ourselves to clean the bedrooms, the commercial kitchen and bar areas everyday.

Even with our own profit of over 70% POR, (for every $10 received – $7 would be profit!) this product can still save the average household $100’s and businesses $1,000’s on what they would normally spend on cleaning products in a year and everybody who tries it wants more. As the only UK supplier under our label we will be generating major profits within weeks of going live, regardless of how long it takes for the actual hotel to start producing a worthwhile income.

This packing and distribution center will be run in partnership with the manufacturer and income received after costs will be distributed to PeopleCoin holders. Once established distributer areas will also be made available to the right candidates, complete with a residential sales and training course as a working hotel makes the ideal place to gain hands on experience of actually using the product.

If you want to try it for yourself just purchase a PeopleCoin Discount Card and we’ll send you a free sample with your membership to anywhere in the world. Until we have our own packing and distribution facility setup, the sample you will receive will be in the manufacturers packaging, but the product we will be selling will be identical. How to access online videos and articles direct from the manufacture are also included within their labeling.

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